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Molly's Friends

Welcome to our Gallery.

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Below are stories of several pets we have helped save.

Guinea Pig who had his leg amputated

I just picked Hershey's up. He is doing wonderfully!!

He is alert and seems pretty happy. I have him (and his cagemate, they said not to seperate him) in a smallish box which I will have to keep them in for 2 weeks (I hope they don't go crazy, they are used to a large cage). This way he will not be able to run around too much. He does move around really well though, even in the small box he was pretty hard to catch. That makes me feel good about this. The vet did say that amputation was the right way to go.

We go back to get the sutures out on June 12 in the evening. (I will keep sending you pictures of the wound site as it heals).

I was so worried, I am so happy he is doing so well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he continues to heal well.

Thank you so much!!


Leg Surgery

Thank you for contributing $175 for Bubba!

I cannot schedule the surgery until I raise the balance. I applied for CareCredit, but was declined. I just left an abusive marriage and he chose not to work. I struggled financially and always paid what I could when I could. Therefore, my credit stinks right now. CareCredit said that I could reapply with a co-signer. My Mom is currently awaiting word for refinancing her house. She will be contributing approximately $500 towards the surgery if everything is approved for the refinance. She said she would co-sign but cannot do so until her mortgage process is completed. She's on social security so I'm not sure if she will be an acceptable cosigner.

I'm taking a look to see if I have anything that I can possibly sell (yard sale, etc.) so I can raise additional monies.

Hopefully everything will move along quickly and I will have the balance of funds by mid to end May. As soon as I have the funds, I'll contact you and let you know when the surgery is scheduled.

There are no alternatives for Bubba. Right now, the right ligament is completely torn and the left one will be within four to six months. He also has severe arthritis in his knees. He takes glucosamine everyday and will be on that for the rest of his life. My vet has been giving me donated meds (anti-inflammatory and pain) to keep him comfortable and able to get around - it's really helped him. He still limps but you can certainly tell it helps him with the pain. My vet said that he's put together like Mr. Potatohead - his back body was not made to compensate his front.

He's such a sweet "little" guy. I'll try to scan pictures of him and email to you so you can see the "little" guy you're helping!

Thanks again!
Lisa & Bubba

Toby from Blind Dog Wines
"A friend of Molly's"

Thank you for your kind comments and your great story about Molly. Your
work in her honor is wonderful as you are right so many disabled pets are
not given a chance. We have made a donation from Toby to Molly - I don't
think it will show up as it should that it is from Toby to Molly but wanted
you to be aware that it is!!

Toby was a Hearing Assist Dog from Dogs for the Deaf which is why we are
donating a small amount of the proceeds to them. She developed diabetes
last year and her eyesight worsened and then her lens dislodged in both
eyes. They took one eye completely and the lens only from her right eye.
She is basically blind but gets around great!!

Bingo was also Duane's blind dog - she lost her eyes to glaucoma - so ironic
to have had two blind dogs on the vineyard.

I have attached a couple of picture of Toby in case you wanted to put her up
on your web site as a friend of Molly's! I was not sure if you would want
to use the one with the wine bottle so I also sent one of just Toby.

Keep up the good work - so happy you are enjoying the Blind Dog Wine -

Cheers, barks and kisses from Toby!

Pam Lock
Blind Dog Wines
Ecluse Wines